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About Us

One mission:
To create ambitious & imaginative high-end TV and film 
that empowers people through entertainment.

Two passions:
 To give voice to female-led stories using female-rich teams,
and uplift the UK regions with locally filmed productions
that have global appeal.

We are an independent TV production company founded by actor and writer, Sarah Preston.

After being involved in the industry for over twenty years, and experiencing first-hand the need for more diverse and female-led projects (both in terms of roles for actors as well as behind-the-camera talent), Sarah felt compelled to redress the balance. It is our focus, here at Bamboo, to develop and create high-end TV projects ​that aspire to do just that.


We also believe very strongly in bringing positive attention to the regions throughout the UK. With the recent levelling-up initiative to develop a sustainable creative industry in the North East, we are proud to be a part of that forward drive with our first show set in Newcastle.


Alongside this, as part of our paying it forward philosophy, Bamboo is developing a practical mentorship programme to help both new and returning female creative talent living in the North East.

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