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about us

One mission:
To create ambitious & imaginative high-end TV and film 
that empowers people through entertainment.

Two passions:
To give voice to female-led stories using female-rich teams,
and uplift the UK regions with locally filmed productions
that have global appeal.

We are an independent TV and film production company founded by actress and writer, Sarah Preston.

Based in the North East, we are dedicated to showcasing the region's potential and fostering growth and innovation to advance the development of a sustainable creative industry in the area.

As part of our pay-it-forward philosophy and in response to the shortage of crew in the TV and film industry, Bamboo Media is developing a practical mentorship programme with local colleges to support new and returning female creative talent by providing valuable on-set experiences.

Through the development of our wellbeing initiative, we recognised the significant role catering plays in keeping all our cast and crew energised and focused, leading to the creation of our new TV and film catering company, which will focus on nutrition, health, and sustainability by using locally sourced ingredients.

Our holistic approach to creating art and entertainment stems from acceptance, inclusion, and courtesy, allowing us to bring our shows to life while supporting the environment and local communities and making a positive impact both on and off the set.


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