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Only 9 available

Exclusive Bronze Perk Package includes:


  • Visit the set
  • Digital download of the show
  • Limited edition signed poster
  • Two tickets to the premiere

Bronze Perk Package

SKU: 003
  • For disclaimers regarding each perk, please see below:

    Visit the set – 1 day visit. You will be appointed a facilitator who will accompany you around the set and/or locations while filming takes place to answer any questions and help make it a memorable experience. We will make every reasonable endeavour to arrange your visit on a day where at least two members of the main cast are present. This will be subject to the filming schedule and the contributors availability. Does not include transport or accommodation.

    Digital download of the show – This will be available after the official air date.

    Limited edition signed poster – A limited number of original artwork posters are to be printed and yours will be signed by the main cast and crew.

    Two tickets to the premiere – You and a plus one will get to come to the premiere screening of the show with the main cast and crew. It is likely to be in a major UK city, i.e. London, however, location cannot be guaranteed at this time. Does not include transport or accommodation.


    Purchase of our Perk Packages does not entitle the purchaser to any artistic control or influence over The Uncertainty Principle, or Bamboo Media Productions Ltd. The perks offered are not exchangeable for any monetary value at any time and do not constitute any financial investment in The Uncertainty Principle, Bamboo Media Productions Ltd, or any future or past productions. While every effort will be made to fulfil these perks as intended, this production is subject to change and we therefore cannot guarantee exact cast, team, outcome, or success of The Uncertainty Principle. Please be aware that, in-line with the stage of development that The Uncertainty Principle is currently at, at the time of creating this document, although unlikely, there is a possibility that a network distribution deal will not be reached and The Uncertainty Principle will not be made. You contribute at your own risk. The success of any TV show, depends on the public’s tastes and opinions at any given time. The likes and dislikes of the public vary greatly from day to day and can never be confirmed. As a result, it is impossible to determine the success of The Uncertainty Principle, or any TV series.

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